Tibo the rescue horse and Lydia

Sweet New Horse at Bearfoot Ranch

Tibo joined the Bearfoot Ranch 'Team' in March 2021

Tibo (“Tebow”) is a 15-year-old quarter horse/palomino gelding. He was named after football player, Tim Tebow, by rescue volunteers at Save the Horses. When I was volunteering, at Save the Horses, I fell for Tibo and became very committed to him and his well-being. In return, he taught me patience and opened intimately my understanding of the horse world.

Tibo’s experience with humans was not always caring, he was found attached to a tree, scarred physically and emotionally. The Save The Horses farm gave him the chance to recover physically. At Tibo’s early days at the rescue, an autistic child spoke for the first time during his encounter with Tibo. Tibo suffered greatly and I believe that is why he can relate to the suffering of us humans. I had noticed his gentleness with kids and that was another proof of his interest to be in a relationship with young ones.

Tibo was a rescue horse at Save The Horses
Tibo was a rescue horse at Save The Horses before joining the 'Team' at Bearfoot Ranch.
Tibo has been rehabbed and lives in the herd at Bearfoot Ranch.
Tibo has been rehabbed and lives in the herd at Bearfoot Ranch.

Tibo and I train with Kira DeRosa, a Pat Parelli Natural Horseman instructor. I am committed to natural horsemanship, especially Liberty training on the ground - communication with a horse without any line or reins. Tibo and I train 3 - 4 days a week. We have a deep connection. Natural horsemanship training prepares a horse to be safe and cooperative for riding in horse therapy. Tibo rides with free reins (no bit) and loves playing “games” (stick to me, yo-yo, touch it, etc.) and the most, he loves to run beside me.

Tibo and Lydia do Pat Parelli training

I come from generations of horsemen and horsewomen in my native country Serbia. Yet Tibo was one who got me to see my life purpose of enabling humans to heal through connection with horses and for humans to take care of horses. Bearfoot Ranch and Tibo are my true partners in this mission. I am committed to further advancing in natural horsemanship which I believe is enabling us to tap into this incredible world of horses.

Tibo found his herd at Bearfoot RanchBearfoot Ranch gave Tibo a safe, long-term home, with consistent care and a steady herd to belong to. Tibo has had the opportunity to nurture his relationship with children and in return enhance and sometimes initiate patience, trust, reliability, and authenticity.

I have worked at Cisco Systems for the past 15 years. Cisco has a matching donation program for approved non-profit organization. For each hour an employee gives to an approved non-profit organization, Cisco donates funds to help that organization. My time working at Bearfoot Ranch and helping Tibo and the kids has lead to more resources to Bearfoot Ranch allowing them to continue their mission.

I am incredibly grateful for Tibo, the Bearfoot Ranch family, and Cisco Systems. I want to invite others to discover the joy of giving back. Fill out the Bearfoot Ranch volunteer form (link to form). I would love for you to meet Tibo so I can share my journey with all of you.

Tibo and Lydia


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